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  • 32 Impact Assessment of Development Support Centre's Intervention in Participatory irrigation Management on the Livelihoods of Rural Communities, 2005. 71p.

    This is a pilot study of one PIM village with the objectives to identify the various stakeholders (only from the village communities), primary and secondary, in the PIM programme; identify their existing sources of livelihoods with the respective contributions to their overall household economy; identify the various institution, affecting their livelihoods and the specific effect of the irrigation cooperatives, and the interrelationships

  • 33 Social and Financial Viability of Institutional Management of Irrigation Systems, Vaibhav Chaturvedi, 2002. 82p.

    The main objective of the study was to assess the 'Social and Financial Viability of the Irrigation Cooperatives'. The secondary objective for the purpose of attainment of the main objective was identification of criteria for social and financial viability.

  • 34 Learning about Gender Issues in Irrigation, Michelle McCombs, 2000. 40p.

    The role and stakes of women in irrigation.