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  • 67 Sajeev

    booklet, This colourfully illustrated and easy-to-understand booklet can help village institutions and village level workers understand the concept behind participatory watershed management. It explains this participatory program, Including planning, implementation, monitoring and maintenance.1997. 24p. Rs. 15/- (Gujarati)

  • 68 Lalak : Participatory processes in watershed development

    VCD, This Video provides general information on the role of people’s institutions and local level workers in participatory watershed programs. It shares the experiences, successes and lessons leaned from the work of natural resource management of NGO’s working in Gujarat.50 Min. Rs. 100/- (Gujarati)

  • 69 Jal - Jeevan no Dhabkar: A technical manual for water harvesting structures - VCD

    A technical manual on water harvesting structures(for watershed).This film discusses technical aspects of watershed management, including the design, construction and site selection of check dams and nala plug.45 Min. Rs. 100/- (Gujarati)

  • 70 Compilation of orders of the Government of India & Gujarat on Watershed Management

    This is a compilation of orders of the government of India & Gujarat on watershed management.1999. 50p. Rs. 75/- (Gujarati)

  • 71 Checkdam ane Nala Plug Margdarshika

    This manual is an effort to explain technical details of Checkdam and Nalla Plug design and construction in an easy to understand language using diagrams, photographs and practical examples. It presents the complex theme of designing of water harvesting structures in a simplified way keeping in mind the participatory nature of the watershed development project.2001. 52p. Rs. 75/- (Gujarati)

  • 72 Sajeev: poster / sticker

    The Participatory watershed development program logo can be put up around the village by member of the village institution to increase awareness and support or this program. An illustrated explanation of a watershed, the geo-hydrological unit that drains rain water at a common point and includes forest, agricultural and wasteland. Rs. 10