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  • 45 Comparative Analysis of Agricultural Productivity and System Efficiency of Different Modes of Irrigation, Maitreyi Mandal, 1999-2000. 120p. [Agriculture Productivity Enhancement].

    Comparison of agricultural productivity between different irrigation systems--private wells, tube wells, dug wells, community managed tube wells, and government-managed canals, and the factors responsible for the differences.

  • 46 Developing Tools for Cost Effectiveness Assessment of NGO Programmes: Case Study 3, Frances Sinha and Samir Garg, 1998. 66p.

    Testing the methodology for assessing cost effectiveness of the NGOs providing support or implementing livelihoods programmes.

  • 47 Development Support Centre, Training Unit Impact Assessment, Lisa Armstrong, 1998.38p.

    Assessment of the effectiveness of DSC's training programmes and their impact on the participants.