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    1. Impact of PIM on livelihoods of the rural communities- National level study 2. Impact assessment of watershed program in Gujarat state. 3. Role of watershed in drought proofing- 5th year of longitudinal study of watershed and non-watershed villages. 4. "Mapping farmers perception" Factors considered by farmers while choosing to become members of irrigation cooperative. 5. Best Practices in Watershed- 4 6. Water accounting in watershed (before and after watershed) 7. Identifying issues for improving the rural water supply in Liliya-Lathiya system in Amreli district 8. Developing target technologies for ensuring short-term economic benefits for meeting needs of marginal and small farmers. 9. Status of implementation of Government Orders in PIM in Gujarat . 10. Adressing the issue of lift irrigation in canal systems 11. Indentifying the constraints in the application of a sound technical approach for efficiency and sustainability of watershed program 12. Capacity building for effective implementation and sustainability of watershed program.