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  • 54 Operationalising the equity principle in watershed development AKRSP(I) approach. (Download)

    This paper gives the steps that were followed by AKRSP (I) to ensure that benefits of development are equitably distributed. This paper will help the watershed implementers to get an idea about the processes which can be broadly considered so that marginalized and deprived sections in the watershed area are not left off.

  • 55 Opperetionalsing Ridge to Valley Approach In watershed, AKRSP (I) experience at Teliamba, Sagbara, Gujarat. (Download)

    by Joydeep Sen, Development Support Centre, Ahmedabad. 2004. 16p.

  • 56 Integrated Approach in Watershed. AKRSP (I) approach at Motakakdiamaba, Gujarat. (Download)

    Integration of various activities is very important to ensure that the benefits of the watershed development can be maximized. In this context this paper examines the factors which were considered in AKRSP (I) project at Motakakdiamba in Narmada district of Gujarat for integrating various activities in watershed.

  • 57 Importance of Gram Sabha in Watershed. AKRSP (I) experience at Mokasar. (Download)

    Regular Gram Sabha is considered as the one of the factors that can help in transparency and increased participation of community in watershed implementation. This paper presents why it is necessary to regularly conduct Gram Sabha and what are its benefits.