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  • 58 Rules Regime For Institutional Sustainability. (Download)

    Umashankar Joshi, the renowned Gujarati poet, sought blessings that in independent India, the leaders who are in the forefront to shoulder responsibilities for the nation would be the last in the line to garner benefits.

  • 59 The Journey Downhill. (Download)

    Few people would be as fortunate as I have been. At sixteen, I was already a volunteer fighting for India’s independence movement led by Mahatma Gandhi. I was sent to prison but released before I completed my sentence so that I can resume my university education. But the British had not yet left India.

  • 60 Whither Common Property Resources, Anil C. Shah, 1997-98. (Download)

    A study of problems of common lands -- found to be exhausted with over-exploitation and widely encroached upon -- and problems in their protection, restoration and development because of the indifference of the villagers in Junagadh and Bharuch districts in Gujarat.

  • 61 Wheat Research and Farmers, Anil C. Shah, 1997. 7p. (Download)

    A comparison of characteristics kept in view by researchers and farmers while selecting wheat seeds.